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About Yorba Linda Main Street

During the 1920's, Yorba Linda began to grow, as agriculture remained the mainstay of the local economy. During this time, many new commercial buildings were built on Main Street, but the overall character of the area remained agricultural. In the 1930's, the Depression brought it's economic slowdown to the Yorba Linda area, but the population kept their stability. The community in Yorba Linda utilized their agricultural means to endure the economic hardships of the depressions.
During the post-WWII era, Yorba Linda kept it's small town character. During the 1960's, Yorba Linda began experiencing a massive population growth, much like Orange County in the previous two decades. Once a small agricultural town of around 4,000 people, Yorba Linda began a transformation into the modern community that you see today.

Yorba Linda's Name

The name Yorba originated as far back at 1879, back when Jose Yorba was a member of an expedition exploring what is known today as Orange County.
The Janss Corporation began selling the subdivisions of Yorba Linda later on, selling land at a mere $150/acre.
Yorba Linda - Orange District in Yorba Linda, CA